Monday, August 11, 2008

Spouses and Crocheting

The world of fiber artists is filled with mostly women (my thinking). Are there any significant others (i.e husbands - etc) that crochet for relaxation? I can't see myself picking up a needle or two and playing with balls of fibre. Let me hear from you if you actually enjoy this. My wife, Karens325 says there are alot of husbands etc that crochet. Prove me wrong.. I'm looking for a hobby and I am at a loss.

Thanks everyone,


Monday, July 21, 2008

Crabby Dick's opinion of crochet / knitting

Well i've posted several blogs in the past week and received some interesting replies. It's time to get to the knitty gritty of being married to a "Hooking Fibre Artist". Karend325 and I have been married almost 4 years and i think i have seen so much fibre pass thru our wallets that we could probably fill half the storefront of Webs. This does not include patterns, hooks and the like. Ink cartridges are constantly being delivered by our very own UPS driver. I guess this is the life of a very promising Fibre / Artist. I consider myself a very lucky husband as i am able to have Karend325 spend her days, nights and weekend thinking and working her life's passion. It is not unusual that i may be conversing to her and i ask a question while she has two hooks in her hands, 4 balls of fibre and three personal designs taking up her chair, lap and our dog's sleeping area. Her reply is honey were you talking to me?.

I have my passion and that is family, painting (2nd time around on the entire house) , walking for miles at a time and of course tending to the constant needs of my caring Karend325. If anyone out there (significant other) has this same experience please drop me a line.

Crabby Dick (Rich)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Three days to the big trip (CGOA of Course)

Karend325 isn't quite all packed but from what i can see she will need a small uhaul for all the new items she has just designed and will present to the CGOA conference"Groups" for the awing and touchy-feeling(as is a new term for me). She will be asked for "what is new in your fall and 2009 line up?". But only she and i know what is in the pipeline. Her mentor this past year is the greatest and I can she why she herself is so successful in all her work. Karend325 will be very well known and sought after at the conference and the years to come. I would love to be part of her 2008 coming out at the "Fibre World" but i'm staying home and bonding with our dog Tootie (a very ugly mutt- but we love her, i just have to remember to feed her everyday)

As i have mentioned Karend325 is one of the most talented Fibre Artists /designers when i see what is out there in the unique world of new and old hookers. No offense to be taken but i am so amazed at the audience that keeps appearing at Karend325's new blog site and the oh so many comments via Ravelry.

A very proud fibre artist spouse,

Crabby Dick (also known as Rich)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, KarenD325 is off to her 2nd conference in Manchester NH in a few days. She has been planning since coming home from the last conference. The spare bedroon has her lists of items to bring, the new designs she is going to wear and "show" to the other hookers. There will be alot of stares and touchy feely happening since she has so many beautiful new pieces that all will want to wear and own. The hotel and ride is all in place. Now the last minute items seem to stress all who attend, but i know once it starts all will be fine and she will be asked to have her published items signed and awed at. Maybe i'm too over whelmed at what she has accomplished since the last confernce. All i can say is i'll be missing her for the week and have time to do "my thing" til she returns. I guess this is her time and hope she enjoys it to the fullest.

Her husband "crabby dick"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A day in the life of a fibre artist spouse

Hello, my name is Rich and i'm the spouse of a very promising fibre artist that is very "Crafty" if i may say so. She is very in to her craft and establishing a "Business -Non Profit to date" but that is okay as i encourage her all the way. Her stash fills mutiple cabinets and seem to grow on its own. Maybe this process can be used in the production of fuels?

My wife is in the Ravelry website under Karend325 or something close to it. She saves her money and when she reaches a set sum it seems to disappear either at Webs or one of many other fibre or pattern sites. She has a very good talent for designing as so many of her kind around the globe has e-mailed her. She even has a couple of her designs posted.

I gripe alot but i am so proud of her talents and the way she concentrates on her many projects. She wants to set up her own blog but is so busy preparing for the CGOA conference in New Hampshire in a few weeks.

She is the greatest spouse and freind a man could ever want to spend everyday and then some. Sure i do my share of complaining. What spouse doesn't.

Look forward to hearing from other fibre artist's "significant others"